This Holidays I was lucky enough to find whales on the shore of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I love the ocean, and I love the animals that live in it. One of my biggest dreams was to see wild whales. So when I went to Vallarta and I saw it was the time of the year in which the humpback whales came down from Alaska I thought: “This is it. I’m not leaving without seeing them.”
Sure enough, a day later I bought my ticket. My family was not as happy as I was, and they started telling me all their theories of how the boat will sink, how the whales would jump on me or the most tragic one;  how I would fall into the water and sharks would eat me.

But I decided to go anyways. I arrived at the port at 7 AM. There were some gray clouds around the sky. Then I saw the boat, it was a large white plastic boat (the plastic doesn’t hurt the whales) and I got a little nervous but I decided to sit at the front anyways.

At 7:30 AM we were ready to leave and grey clouds started to cover the sky and then all my families theories started to seem very real and probable. The boat jumped very high every time waves would form. At some point I saw some dolphins swimming next to the boat. Then I looked up at the sky and I saw this thick grey clouds above us with some blue hints. I had never seen such a beautiful color before. For a moment I was breathless. I new I would never see that color again. Then it started to rain. It rained very heavily. We were in the middle of a storm. And I was just thinking “Wow, everything is just beautiful.”

Suddenly the storm was behind us and there was only sunshine. The weather on the other side was perfect. And that is when we started to see the whales.

They were young and curious whales, five of maybe seven of them. They were playing. They would stick their heads out and look at us. Then roll on the water and show their fins. It was incredible. They were so near and so full of life. I was also very impressed by their sounds. I thought they sounded ancient. Like dinosaurs. I was very impressed.

That is when the captain and the guide decided to use an underwater microphone and we could listen to everything that was going underwater. It was a beautiful moment.

I can say this is one of the best days I’ve had and I am truly glad I did it even though I was a little scared. When I saw my family again I told everyone ” You missed it, it was amazing and you missed it.”


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