If you are thinking about going to the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, and enjoy its amazing beaches, you should stop by Blumenau. Blumenau is a little german ville where over a million of people of every year to celebrate Oktoberfest.

I was in Camboriu enjoying the brazilian summer when we decided to do something different after having get burnt on the beach. The sky promised rain, so beach was not the best plan for that day. We decided to go to know this german city in the state of Santa Catarina.

Everything in the ville makes you feel in Germany since the first moment that you enter in the ville.


The main square in the ville.


One of the streets. It was Christmas, so there were ornaments everywhere.


Even the trash reminded you where you were!


Some German musicians in one of the streets.

After going over the streets and visiting the stores looking for a shirt, we decided to stop in one of the bars. We went to Bier Vila. You can visit their facebook page here,  where you can see their adress, pictures and everything about this bar. They have more than 150 different types of beer from all over the world, althought german beers are their specialty.



We also wanted to eat something typical in the same bar. Probably you are missing the sausages, guess where they were…

Just in the moment we were deciding to leave the bar to go to the actual city, the sky gave us a beautiful gift.


So we couldn’t go for a walk in the city. However, we could see it from the car, and it was really amazing. I have to go back just to visit the city.. October seems a good time for that.


PS: If you love chocolate, do not leave Blumenau without visiting “Chocolates Orion” 🙂

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