This last month I had the enormous pleasure of visit the biggest buddhist temple with my Brazilian family ❤. For all of you who enjoy seeing majestuos buildings, this is a must stop if you are In Sao Paulo. It takes 40 minutes to arrive to Templo Zulai from Sao Paulo, and the visit totally worth it, if you want to see something different in that montrous city.



This is the entry if the temple. What caught my attention in that moment was not the building, but all those small figures in the yard. They are called Arhats. According to the buddhist religion, an Arhat is somebody who attained nirvana, and when Buddah came into his parinirvana (death in the physic world), he picked 16 Arhats in a group of more than 500 to take care of his teachings. To satisfy the wishes of Buddah, the legend says that the 16 Arhats used their powers to prolong their lifes, so they could stay accesible to donors.


Mahakashyapa ou Nandimitra (Arhat subjugando o dragão) and 10. Ajita (Arhat de longas sobrancelhas). (For more information about the Arhats, you can check out this link. The website is in Portuguese, but you can use a translator, or learn Portuguese or something).



A beautiful view of the temple.



In the Zulai temple, all buddhists can enjoy and practice their religion. A lot of kids come to the temple to follow all the Buddah’s lessons, and to be educated under his teachings.


They use to organize different events, and in some of them everybody can participate, you don’t need belong to the religion.They celebrate a public ceremony every Sunday where you can participate and have a new experience. However, they have some rules that you should keep in mind before going: you can’t wear shorts or flip flops is just one of them, but you can check all these rules here.


Around the temple, you can enjoy some beautiful gardens, including a lake full of turtles and carps!

Hope you enjoy your visit in this fabulous temple.

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