This summer I spend a day in Mineral de Pozos, a little ghost town just outside Guanajuato, and an hour away from Querétaro.


This city used to be a prolific mining town around 1570. Seventeen Gold and Silver mines were built and thanks to this around one thousand men found jobs on each of them. This made Pozos one of the greatest silver producers in the world. 


Later in the twentieth century 50, 000 people lived here as the trading grew and the economy grew stronger.


But after some time the mines started to loose their richness and in 1950 the last mine had to be closed down. After this great lose only 300 people remained. Many of the big Haciendas were looted and at the end only ruins remained. The remaining of the town was the setting of Carlos Velo’s movie “Pedro Páramo” based on Juan Rulfo’s novel.


In the 80’s Mineral de Pozos was declared Historic Heritage of Mexico and it is part of the Magic Towns that can be found across Mexico.


There are some sight seeings of the old haciendas that people can participate in, and for really good prices. There are also many precious stones and minerals that are sold for extremely good prices, I bought 3 quartz for 50 pesos, which is like 5 dollars !

In the downtown area there is also a really nice hotel with a restaurant with excellent Mexican food. I will write later about this place.

Mineral de Pozos is absolutely  must go.

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