Most of these 15 countries are paradisiac islands. However, in all of them we can find more than beautiful beaches! I can proudly say that I’ve been in the two smallest countries around the world, but I still have 13 to see!



❤ Vatican City – It’s the world’s smallest state, with a population of 770 (no one of them are permanent residents).


❤ Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco – Famous because of its luxury, its royal family and, of course, the circuit of Formula One.



❤ Nauru – the smallest country in the Australian region. It’s a single and a phosphate rock island.



❤ Tuvalu – One of the main industries of Tuvalu is the tourism. They got their independence from United Kingdom in 1978, and it’s one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It’s located in Polynesia.



❤ San Marino – The oldest surviving sovereign state iin the world. San Marino is located in the north centre of Italy. and there’s not even an airport in the state.



❤ Liechtenstein – Liechtenstein has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world, and high living standards.



❤ Marshall Islands – These group of islands got their independance from the United States in 1986. A paradise for beach lovers!!



❤ Saint Kitts and Nevis – The smallest country in America. It’s located in the Caribbean, and to surprise you, its beaches are the paradise.



❤ Island Marine in Seychelles – Another paradisiac group of islands. However, this group of islands located in the Indian Ocean has been so touched by the human hand that we don’t know what it’s natural there and what it is not.. so sad.


❤ Maldives – This archipelago is the same case that Seychelles. However, if you don’t know what to do with 5.000$, you could spend some nights in this built paradise. Maldives have the lowest sea level land in the world.


❤ Malta – seven islands in the Mediterranean sea form this beautiful country. One of the favorite destinations for all those who are lloking for a country with a lot of history. Malta has been influenced by several cultures.


❤ Grenada –  We are back in the Caribbean. This paradisiac island is close to the Venezuelan coast and it’s also known as the “Island of Spice”.


❤ Saint Vincent and Grenadines – also located in the Caribbean, these lands were french and british colonies, and its official language is English.


❤ Barbados – Rihanna made this paradise even more famous. We all know that its beaches are just amazing, but Bridgetwon is really beautiful, and one of the best capitals in the Caribbean sea.


❤ Antigua and Barbuda – Needless say that you can find beautiful beaches with transparent water, sunny days and white sand. Apart from that, St John’s has a lot of offers for the tourists: museums, stadiums and interesting streets.

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