In most of the countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 14. There are some exceptions when there’s a bigger celebration in the country close to that day, like China with the New Year or Brazil and its Carnaval.

The celebration in most of them use to be really similar (flowers, cards, dinners, etc), but we find some interesting traditions in these 10 countries.


❤ JAPAN – They use to go to the mount Fuji, in the Lover’s Point, located in Izu. They play the “Bell of Love”. The legend says that if you play three times the bell while you say the name of your love,it will be a truly love.


❤ NEW YORK CITY – We all know how typical is the celebration of the VDay in the United States, but in New York, seven couples are chosen to be married in the 80th floor of the Empire State Building. They will visit this place every year in their anniversary for free.


❤ SOUTH KOREA – On February 14th or White Day, men give candy or gifts to women. Then on April 14th or Black Day, the women who didn’t get anything on White Day go to Chinese restaurants to eat black noodles and mourn the disaster that is their love life.


❤ DENMARK – In Denmark the main gift are white flowers. Men also use to write love letters to the women. These letters are signed by substituting vowels by dots. If the girl guess who sent her the letter, he presents her with an egg on Easter.


❤ MALAYSIA – On Malaysia’s day of love, women write their phone numbers on oranges. Then, they throw them into the closest river with hopes that the man of their dreams might pick one up. Fruit vendors often collect the oranges, which are considered a lucky fruit, and resell them at the market—phone numbers and all. #ideaforafilm


❤ DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – In a lot of latin countries, the Valentine’s Day is also a day that celebrates love and friendship. In Dominican Republic, they use to play the secret friend (like secret santa, but not Xmas), and they call it “Angelito”. This is something common in all these countries, but with different names, In El Salvador, for example, the name is “amigo secreto”.


❤ INDIA – Imagine what would be the “Day of the lovers” in the country where Kamasutra was invented. However, this tradition has been banned by traditionalists (Islam and Hindu). They considerate it a “contamination from the West”. After the economic liberalization, the opinion of the most of the population about this celebration has changed about this date. Valentine’s Day also changed the way people express thei affection in public, which is kind of one (maybe the one and only) of the best things this day has made in a country.


❤ ITALY – Italy (and some parts of Britain) has a tradition based in a text of “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare. The Valentine’s night, before the sunrise, single women  wake up and stand in front of the window waiting for a man to pass. This is because they say that the first man to appear, will marry them during that year. (Scary)


❤ VIETNAM – There are a lot of different ways to celebrate this day in the country. One of the most popular: Couples wear the same color / style of clothes.


❤ SLOVENIA – Slovenia celebrates February 14th with the proverb “St. Valentine brings the keys of roots.” This is thought to be the day that plants and flowers start growing—so it’s the day that farmers and vineyard workers plant seeds. Slovenians also believe that birds get engaged or married on Valentine’s Day.


On the other hand, in a lot of islamic countries this celebration is highly banned. In Saudi Arabia, for example, religious police banned the sale of Valentine’s Day products, and shops are not allowed to sale red items. Something similar happens in Iran (what a surprise).They considerate it a “Christian tradition”. #religion

The best way to celebrate VDay is… travelling!!

*Results of a test realized in students from different countries, based on their responses to a survey about the Valentine’s Day in American schools.


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