The city of Santa Fe means a lot in our lifes, and that’s why this is going to be the first of many others posts about this amazing city. Santa Fe is nothing to do with what you expect about a city in the United States. You feel in a western film as soon as you get there, and for a lover of Clint Eastwood and his Westerns, this is just fabolous ❤.

This post is about 5 + 1 of my favorites places to go in Santa Fe.


PALACE OF THE GOVERNORS –  Santa Fe is the oldest capital city of the United States, and the Palace of the Governors is the oldest public building in the country.


One of the best things that you can do in downtown is going for a walk around the palace, where native americans are allowed to sell their handmade artwork in a little market. There’s a lot of pieces of jewelry, most of them made with turqouises.

Palace of the governors is located between 105 W Palace Ave and La Plaza.


ROSARY TREE – This beautiful tree is located in the Loretto Chapel, famous because of it miraculous staircase.


Year after year, people from around the world who came to the city of Santa Fe and decided to visit the chapel, use to pray a rosay insice of the chapel, and then put their rosaries in the tree.

Nothing to do with the religion, the result is amazing in my opinion. This is one of my fav places in the city.

Loretto Chapel is located in 207 Old Santa Fe Trail.


DOUBLE TAKE – The best (and the most expensive) thirft store in the city. You can find a thrift store everywhere in Santa Fe, and all of them are good. However, Double Take is another level. Check out their website to see just a few of what you can find inside.

Double Take is located in 321 S Guadalupe (corner with Aztec)


SWEET ART, SWEET SHOP – One of the sweetest sweet shops that I’ve been my life.


Apart of candies and chocolates (they have chocolate from ANY country), you can find some sweet and cute things like this ❤.


and this ❤


or this ❤.

Sweet Shop is located in 125 Galisteo Street. 


DOODLET’S – Another beautiful sho where you can find ANYTHING that you are looking for.


Doodlet’s is located in 120 Don Gaspar Ave.

And the +1 is the best Mexican Restaurant in town:


LOS POTRILLOS – Los Potrillos is (in my opinion), the best restaurant of Mexican Food in Santa Fe. You can find everything there, and they have a long list of dishes. I can swear you thatthis is going to be the only restaurante where every time that you go, you are not going to order “the same” (except if you are Abe from Chicago). Check out this blog to see just some of the dishes that you can try in the restaurant.

Los Potrillos is located in 1947 Cerrillos Road.

Don’t die before visiting Santa Fe.


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