Located in downtown of Santa Fe, there is a place where passion for books attracts visitors to come and inspire themselves with art, literature and history. This is Garcia Street Books, owned by Rick Palmer and Adam Gates. This is a place where customers can always find interesting and fresh books.


The bookstore has been in Santa Fe for 15, years but was bought by Gates and Palmer two years ago. Palmer and Gates had previously worked at the bookstore when the owners put the store up for sale, and they decided to buy it.


“After working here, we already knew what customers liked, and it seemed like a good idea.” Gates says

The store is located in a quiet area in Canyon Rd, and stands besides a photography gallery and a café called Downtown Subscription. Helen Maringer is a photography alumni from SFUAD and has worked at Garcia Street Books for a year

“ This is a really cool area” Says Maringer, “close to downtown but far enough to be relaxed and chill.”


Co-owner Gates says the selection of books and the quality of the publications are marked by his love for reading. The books are chosen from the owners’ experience and catalogues. The books that are sold the most are new paperback novels that have good reviews, and that have won book awards like Phillip Meyer´s novel The Son. But there are also classic novels that go fromCatcher in the Rye to Lolita. There also is a large selection of mystery books, art books and cookbooks.

But this is not the only reason why customers love this place. Usually in a bookstore, shoppers find the books they are interested in on shelves, like the art section, the poetry section or the photography section. At Garcia Street Bookstore, one doesn’t really need to look for the interesting books because the selection that is displayed on the shelves is already interesting. Art, photography, fashion and classical literature are displayed in a way where each corner of the shelves become a new place to explore, with books that are not hidden to be found, but to be taken and explored, as every book should be.


“We place the books in this way so the selection is direct,” Gates says, “It is easier to draw the attention of the customers, the covers draw you into them.”

The books sold here have an excellent print quality that sets them apart from books found in other places. “Garcia Street Books is an independent bookstore, which means that it is not part of a dominating chain,” Gates explains, “So there is no way that you will find mass paperback books.”


If you are in Santa Fe, stop by Garcia Street Books and enjoy the beauty of their book selection. Take a book with you and then head over to Downtown Subscription to taste a delicious coffee and… read !

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