This beautiful building is even more beautiful inside, and all its collections are simply amazing!!It’s located in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas in London and the entrance is completely free! Maybe this is one of the best things in London: the most amazing museums are amazing.

All the collections are about the natural history, and you can find ANYTHING about it: the space, the Earth, minerals, animals, humans and even dinosaurs!! This museum explains the history of the nature from the beginning.


This is the first thing that you’ll see inside of the museum. There’s a huge dinosaur skeleton occupying the whole hall that will impress you and will make you feel impatient to visit the rest of the things!


Most of the skeletons, animals, fossils or studies were owned by Darwin, who donated all of them to the musem. All of it was in the British Museum, but the collection was so big, and also the rest of the collections of the British Museum were huge, that the British govern decided to dedicate a musem just to the Natural History.4 5 6 7

{some of the animals in the mammals area, my favorite part}



The part of the Earth has an amazing entry: it seems as if you are getting inside of the planet for real. One of the curious things that you can find is a simulator of an earthquake (not really good, but curious..).


And then, one of the most popular parts of the museum: the dinosaurs; skeletons, fossils, recreations and everything.


You can check the website and the directions to get there in this link.


See ya. ❤


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