I’ve had really busy weekends lately!! But all of them in the most pleasure way: being a tourist.

This weekend I went with the best company ever ❤ to Stonehenge and Bath.


Stonehenge is like one hour and a half from London (by bus), and yes, it’s exactly what you are seeing there: a monument made of stones from the Prehistory. According to some studies, it must be built from 3000BC to 2000BC years.


The weather was so nice like that! The mystery around this monument is how did these prehistoric human people could move this huge stones to build something like this.


About the meaning of it, there’s a lot of different theories about it. The strongest one, is the one that says that this was a religious place with any significance for that tribe. However, you can find thousands of theories, the most recent: ‘Is Stonehenge actually a giant musical instrument?’ A gigantic xylophone… why not. You can check this new in this link.


And also, check out the link to the official page to read more about this place.

And moving on, after Stonehenge we went to Bath, (like one hour from Stonehenge).


I got really surprised about this city. I was showing the pictures to one of my BFF ❤ and she said me that it didn’t look like England at all, and she was right. Also, the city has an important number of roman buildings.


And this probably makes sense when you know that the whole city was established first as a spa by the Romans. You can visit the Roman baths in the city too.

Even being a small city, you can find everything in Bath:



beautiful parks,


interesting museums {Fashion Museum}


all kind of restaurants and cafes,


shops and beautiful streets.


And, being in England, even when the population of a city is not even 100.000, you can find all king of churches, cathedral and a big abbey.


Bath Abbey.

One of the parts of the city that I liked the most, was the side of the river.

16 17

You can sail the River Avon in a little boat too.

The weather was so nice that everyone in the town was having ice cream! We started to follow all that people with those ice creams in pink… and we found an amazing place!


The Real Italian Ice Cream Co is located in 17 York St, and offers you an amazing variety of yummy gelattos and desserts!

19 20

These are just some examples of the flavors that you could have on your huge ice cream.


I could invent them, but to be honest, I don’t remember the flavors that we chose!! I just remember that mine was Maltesers ❤ with something like Amaranto.

This is the link to the office site of Bath. Please check it out before going (unlike us), so you can plan your visit!

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