Sometimes we get so obsessed about visiting a lot of countries and having a passport full of stamps, that we forget to appreciate all that just one country can offer us. And if the country has the size of Russia, then one life is not enough to explore just one country.

This is a list with 7 interesting cities that you can find in this huge country.


❤ IRKUTSK – One of the largest cities in Siberia. Irkutsk town became the place where a lot of Russian officers and nobles were exiled for taking part in Decembrist revolt against the Tsar.


❤ KAZAN – One of the oldest cities of Russia and known as “the third capital of Russia”.


❤ PROMYSHLENNYI – This city was abandoned with the fall of the Soviet Union, cut off from communication with and support from the government. You can find all of the buildings of the city as you see in the picture. But if these pictures impressed you, then you should see pictures of Pripyat, another abandoned city in Ukraine. Really impressive pictures.


❤ YAROSLAVL – A city for all those lovers of historical buildings.


❤ NOVORSIBISK – Most important city in Siberia and the third most populous city in the country.


❤ MOSCOW – The most populous city in Europe. Its underground is the second one transporting more number of people in the world. The first one is the one in Tokyo.


❤ ST. PETERSBURG – It was the capital of Russia for more than 200 years, until it was moved to Moscow.

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