Today we have a different post. It’s not about a city, but about that amazing power that a restaurant can have on you, making you feel in another country just through its environment and its food. Because the food is for me one of the most important (and favorite) things of traveling.

Last Friday, my potorrinho❤  and I went to “Catina do Gaúcho”, a Brazilian restaurant in the North of London. As a Brazilian, he was with saudades, and after spending more than a month there, I was too, and also we just wanted to eat steaks, meat or something from an animal.

The night (from 7PM)is the time when the restaurant starts serving the Rodizio. Just making the reservation, a good new: the people who work in the restaurant (at least the woman who attended the phone) are Brazilians. Don’t you hate when you go to a restaurant to eat typical food from a country and nobody from that country works there? It’s annoying.

Anyways, we got there like 2 hours before our reservation (yes, we were that anxious!! And starving too! We were reserving space in our stomachs the whole day!). So we started to walk over the neighborhood. It was a typical Jewish neighborhood of North London. There were also several stores to buy Brazilian products, which made the potorrinho’s ❤ 
 day, when he drunk 1 liter of açai juice while we were waiting for the time pass.

Finally, we went to the restaurant, and it was really nice! The decoration and the environment were Brazilian, and all the people working there were from Brazil (❤)


This is a picture of the Rodizio menu, You can check the whole menu here. The price of the restaurant is not that expensive. 17 pounds and you can eat all that you want (or can). And if you get an offer on Groupon as we did, it is even cheaper. Just 14 pounds, and the offer is available for 4 more days.


{A view of the restaurant}


{Some of the options that you have in the buffet: pao de queijo, banana frita, mandioca… There were also more variety on the other side of the counter likefeijoada, rice and salads. I would like to know who goes to a Brazilian restaurant to eat chips}




It is a small restaurant, but who needs more variety of food when you have all that meat?


All the meat was simply delicious and in its perfect point.


{flag from the south state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, where the traditionalchurrasco was born}


The names of the different meats that are going to be served for you in the restaurant.


Cantina do Gaúcho is located in 20 Amhurst Park. The closest rail station is Stamford Hill.

I would like to add that the treat of all the people working in the restaurant was unsurpassable, and that makes you always repeat the experience. We will next week for sure.❤

There’s an easy Brazilian recipe that I would like to share with you. We tried it today, and it’s simple and delicious. You can prepare pao de queijo in your own kitchen!

What do you need? You just need the pao de queijo from Yoki (that you can buy here), two eggs and ❤. Enter this link to my instagram to see the easy steps. You just have to follow the instructions in the back of the box and… voilà!



On the other hand, I would like to highly not recommend the Argentinean restaurant “El Toro”. They have one of the worst things that an Argentinean Restaurant could have for me: there’s no Argentinean people working there. And also, the treat of the employees of that place is horrible. Any review that you can read on the Internet about this restaurant are bad. We tried to eat there twice, and because of the treat of the people there just trying to do a reservation, we just gave up. We didn’t even try the food, which maybe is brilliant, but no food worth it with that kind of people serving it.

PS: Sorry if you think there’s not enough picture of the restaurant. Too busy eating and trocando ideas.


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