Back to Brazil, Sao Paulo! This time (again) we are talking about places and food: Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo {Municipal Market of Sao Paulo}


This beautiful building houses inside lots of merchants selling all their natural products: fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. This building substitutes the old market in the street 25 de Março, where traders use to sell outdoor their products until 1924, when the permission for the construction of the new market was approved.


As you can see in the picture, the market is huge inside, and you can fin anything on it, but all of them are natural products.

However, the first thing that was kept inside of the building were weapons and ammunition during the Constitutional Revolution. Soldiers use to practice their aiming shooting the heads of the men in the stained glasses.



One of the most beautiful things about this place is its stained glasses, which portray different scenes of agriculture and animal husbandry, and they can be appreciated from inside. You can see them in the background of the last two pictures above, and the artist in charge of doing them was Conrado Sorgenicht Filho, who also worked in the Sé Cathedral and in more than other 300 churches in Brazil.


You can find a lot of typical products of Brazil, but also from a lot of other countries.

The most typical thing to do in the market {apart from buying for sure} is sitting to eat a sanduíche de mortadela. Look at the size:


We four {me, Luizinho❤ , Maggienha❤ and Bruninho❤ } ordered one of those. I took off more than the half of the mortadela, and even though, I think no one of us finished his/her order.


The Mercadao is located in Rua da Cantareira, 306.

It’s located in a nice place with beautiful streets around it like this one:



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