Today we are simply talking about the best Nightclub in the world.
No, these are not my words, the renowned website elected Green Valley as the best night club in 2013, and I had the opportunity together with my business partners from Groove Street to check it out.


Located in the South of Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina, Balneario Camboriu it’s a beautiful coastal city that besides the beautiful beaches it has to offer the best nightclub in the world.

“Forget the Bossa Nova, Brazil is the country of electronic music.” With this statement the American magazine Forbes has defined, in an article published in February 2012, the reality of Brazil in the global scenario of e-music.


Since opened in November 2007, Green Valley is recognized as an oasis of electronic music in Brazil. Their style has made for the first time in history, a Brazilian club considered as equals as major strongholds of entertainment on the planet. Predominantly green, integrated with nature and the format of stall, Green Valley is unique in the world. Its over 10 000 m² accommodated lakes, dance floors, cabins, bars, restrooms, store, food court and a stage with cutting edge equipment and high-tech.


The biggest DJs on the planet have already stepped the stage of Green Valley.

Of the 30 biggest DJs in the world’s list of Top 100 DJ Mag, no less than 24 have already been to Green Valley.

Our first night it was a famous DJ called Otto knows, we were impressed with the structure, organization and vibe of the house, the lights and the stall makes unique.


The second night it was the Dutch DJ Nick Romero, it was a great performance.

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The last night it was my personal favorite DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, also our last night in Balneario Camboriu. It was great to say goodbye to our trip in the beautiful south of Brazil. My partners from Groove Street had a blessed and we can’t wait to go back there.


Of Course I couldn’t live the place without buying a souvenir. I bought a really cool shirt from Green Valley that pretty much explains the environment there.


‘’  Fly. Extract yourself from the world. Travel far away in a single trance …

Swinging by collective euphoria. The sound is the fuel that lifts the soul throughout the limitless road.

Where barriers of common are broken , and the flags are raised in joy. Arms raised manifest positive fury that makes us emerge.

Addiction in shiver! Love the freedom! Overwhelming passion! Orgasm! Eruption, Magic … And there is no night…. There is no day. There is no time…. There is no place.

It’s an atmosphere! Is more than a club! It is a culture. ‘’


I hope you guys liked. =)

For more information check the Green Valley website.


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