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In most of the countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 14. There are some exceptions when there’s a bigger celebration in the country close to that day, like China with the New Year or Brazil and its Carnaval.

The celebration in most of them use to be really similar (flowers, cards, dinners, etc), but we find some interesting traditions in these 10 countries.


❤ JAPAN – They use to go to the mount Fuji, in the Lover’s Point, located in Izu. They play the “Bell of Love”. The legend says that if you play three times the bell while you say the name of your love,it will be a truly love.


❤ NEW YORK CITY – We all know how typical is the celebration of the VDay in the United States, but in New York, seven couples are chosen to be married in the 80th floor of the Empire…

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